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Gluten Free, Zero Nitrates, No Added MSG, NON-GMO

Image by Adrien Olichon

Visit our retail in Uptown! 

Located in "The Uptown" building in the historic Uptown 23rd district at:

2418 N. Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City, OK.

Image by Adrien Olichon

Uptown Jerky Co. offers a hand-crafted, homemade, traditional, non-commercial style, Gluten Free beef jerky with No Added MSG, NON-GMO, and Zero Nitrates/Nitrites. Uptown Jerky Co.'s products are made with some of the finest quality ingredients from around the world creating delicious, bold, robust, authentic tasting flavors, while maintaining low sodium and low sugar amounts. A true craft style, high protein, low carbohydrate beef jerky with just the right texture, not too dry, not too tender. 

Image by Adrien Olichon


Image by Adrien Olichon
Image by Adrien Olichon
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