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How is Uptown Jerky different from most other jerky products on the market?

Uptown jerky's products are nitrate/nitrite and gluten free. Also, the texture is not overly dry, so it is easy to chew. Many customers compare our jerky to being steak-like.

Where can you ship your products?

Uptown Jerky Co. can ship anywhere within the United States for a flat rate shipping fee of $4.90.

How did you develop your recipes?

I began making steaks when I was in college, which overtime transitioned into making jerky. When I began learning how to make beef jerky, I used many of my steak recipes from my college days as the foundation of my marinades. I then began experimenting and trying different ideas.

Do you have a storefront?

Uptown Jerky Co. is currently an e-commerce and mobile business only. However, I do aspire to have a storefront in the future.

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