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  • How is Uptown Jerky different from most other jerky products on the market?
    Uptown jerky's products are nitrate/nitrite, msg, and gluten-free. Since we do not add curing salts, our jerky is bold in flavor, doesn't have the classic salty flavor like most mainstream jerkys, and still maintains a long shelf live due to natural preservatives and cooking processes. Also, the texture is not overly dry to where it hurts your teeth when you chew it or too moist to where its sticky and messy. Many customers compare our jerky to being steak-like.
  • Where can you ship your products?
    Uptown Jerky Co. can ship anywhere within the United States for starting at $4.95. Shipping varies based on weight and distance.
  • How did you develop your recipes?
    I began making steaks when I was in college, which overtime transitioned into making jerky. When I began learning how to make beef jerky, I used many of my steak recipes from my college days as the foundation of my marinades. I then began experimenting and trying different ideas.
  • Do you have a storefront?
    We will be opening our first production/retail location soon.
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